TTArtisan APS-C 17mm F1.4


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17mm——Street Photography & Documentary Photography

Wide Angle and Large Aperture

Mixing a comfortable wide-angle design with an ultra-fast maximum aperture, the 17mm f/1.4 lens is designed for use with APS-C-format mirrorless cameras and provides a 25mm equivalent focal length. The optical structure of this lens is 9 elements in 8 groups and the angle of view is 81° . Characterized by its bright f/1.4 maximum aperture, this lens is adept at working in low-light conditions and also affords increased control over depth of field for selective focus control.  It's a fast and portable lens well-suited to landscape, nature, and street photography.

Documentary Photography  

People and objects can achieve a good balance in the picture, shooting with 17mm lens. So it is well-suited to everyday shooting with subjects including  street, landscape and reportage, which are memorable.

Wide Angle Lens But Not Hard to Handle

With the focus length of 17mm,this is a wide angle lens with the viewing angle about 81°. It  is not as exaggerated and difficult to control as an ultra-wide angle lens, allowing you to record beauty more easily.

Portrait Photography

Compared to medium telephoto lenses,17mm behave better in environmental information recording,make the scenery and characters integrate better in the shooting,it's a good choice for trip shoot.

Large Aperture Increases the Possibility of Creation

Usually, wide angle lenses are combined with smaller aperture, it's more like“you can't have your cake and eat it". But with the maximum aperture of F1.4, our 17mm wide angle lens provides you with more creative space.

Shoot In Low Light

Fast f/1.4 maximum aperture supports working in difficult lighting conditions with greater light intake.

Excellent Image Quality

Excellent image quality from the center to the edges.

Min Focus Distance

Manual focus design permits smooth, refined control along with a minimum focusing distance of 0.2m.

Compact and Portable

Weighs only 248g(around), this lens is designed as light and compact as possible. Not only does it look great with the camera, but it won't burden your trip.

Clicked Aperture

With the clicked aperture, you can switch without looking at the lens, especially shooting at night.

lens Specification

  Focal length

  17mm  Maximum aperture  F1.4

  Closest focusing distance

  0.2m  Minimum aperture  F16


  APS-C/M43  Diaphragm Blades  10pcs

  Filter size

  40.5mm  Optical Design  9 Elements in 8 Groups


  Angle of view

  81°  Focus method  Manual



  around 248g  Lens Type  For mirrorless camera

APS-C 17mm F1.4 Lens can be used on the following cameras:

SONY E-mount


Fuji X-mount


Canon RF-mount

Full Frame: EOSR、RP、R5、R5C、R6、R6II、R3    APS-C Frame: R7、R10

Canon M-mount


Nikon Z-mount







Leica:T、TL、TL2、CL、Sigma:FP(Camera settings: APS-C mode)

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