APS-C 50mm F1.2 

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▲ The equivalent focus length of full frame is about 75mm——Professional assistant for your Portrait photography.



▲  APS-C 50mm F1.2 adopts the optical structure of 7 elements in 5 groups. The minimum focusing distance is only 0.5m. 


▲  Length: 60mm, Width: 62mm. 



▲ The large aperture of F1.2 gets rid of a cluttered background and highlights the subject.  

Smooth bokeh makes photos full of poetry and enhances artistic appeal.


How excellent F1.2 is:

Light intake of F1.2 is 1.4 times F1.4

Light intake of F1.2 is 2.8 times F2

Light intake of F1.2 is 5.5 times F2.8

Light intake of F1.2 is 11.1 times F4


▲ The larger the aperture, the lower the sharpness. F1.2 is a good balance between the pursuit of a large aperture and image quality. 




Clicked aperture ring gives you an excellent photography experience. 



▲  Not only for portrait, but also for still object.  Appropriat focul lenth with large aperture greatly expands the possibility of creation. 



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